Steel Drum Production manufactures automatic vertical painting booth for steel drum production.


One layer solvent based lacquer that requires 15 minutes in 120 ° Celsius to dry is applied. The lacquer is sprayed automatically under control of the PLC system.

The drums are rotated in the painting booth during spraying and are conveyed through the oven in three rows by driven chain conveyor system. The curing oven may use electric energy as per customer requirement.

The painting booth is equipped with double chamber airless spraying guns to paint the drum in single colour. The painting system allows the rapid colour change for consecutive drum batches for 75 red / 50 black / 40 green / 30 yellow as an example. The drums are passed through a flash off unit and the curing oven that is designed for a drying time and temperature of tender document. The conveyor line brings the drums to the output side of the plant after the oven.

Printing Machine, Filling Machine and Painting Booth combine to form a line.


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