Coil car is specialized type of rolling stock designed for the transport of sheet metal coils, particularly steel.


The body of a coil car consists of a trough or series of troughs. The coil cars are lined with wood or other material to cushion the load.

The coil cars are often used with various storage equipment, such as coil stacking rack system or turnstile.

A pair of hoods is provided more commonly with coil cars but some cars use a single hood.

Coil car is part of Cut to Length Line.


  • A coil car loads sheet metal roll onto an uncoiler or a recoiler.
  • A coil car is a device that loads coils onto an uncoiler or off of a recoiler. It rides on rails and moves coils laterally.
  • Some coil cars have been designed with 180 ° rotating platforms to speed and simplify coil setup.
  • Coil cars can carry only once coil at a time but they becomes possible to carry more than once with various equipment.
  • A coil car is part of the cut to length line and it makes the coil transport easier.


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