Manufacturing and packaging processes often require transport. Conveyors are effective and easy solution for transporting. Our transfer conveyor is specialized for steel drum production line.


Transferring products to the next process by conveyor shortens the time between product processes and made easy to operations.

Product transferring is one of the most important problems in production lines. Because transferring process is required much energy and it is waste of time. Transfer conveyors are designed for overcome all of this. Conveyor is an inseparable part of mass production. In many different industries main carrying element is conveyor. Transfer conveyor can carry different sizes and weights products. With this aspect can be used in many stages from raw material to final product. Also cost of conveyor is low.

Design of conveyors may change according to material to be transported. Our transfer conveyors are customized for steel drums. Steel drum manufacturers can do all of transfer processes with our conveyors.


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