Decoiler is a power driven equipment for automatically feeding the sheet material and adjusting the quantity of the end material hence the total capacity of the complete line.


A decoiler unwinds steel coil, which can be fed into continuously running machinery such as roll formers or automatic punches. Decoiler Machine is Suitable for all kinds of coil material feeding and the decoiler can work with straightener.

Some decoiler models have speed control system and automatic or manual turning ability in both directions. Capacities of decoilers are variable. Stop systems can be friction or pneumatic.

Decoiler is part of Cut to Length Line.


The coil material will be placed on the coil car of the un-coiler to load into the mandrel where it is un-coiled to feed the cut to length or press line. The coil-loading car travels on the rail by hydraulic motor to reach the desired position. The coil is held by the mandrel hydraulically. The pneumatic pressure arm holds down the tip of the coil material at the beginning of the uncoiling. The coil loop is controlled by two photocells and ultrasonic sensor.


What are the main technical properties of the Decoiler used in Steel Drum Production Line?
* Properties given here are for giving a general idea about the line. All properties of the machinery are suitable for customization.

  • Maximum Coil Weight : 12000 kg
  • Maximum Coil Width : 13000 mm
  • Hydraulically Operated Mandrel
  • Loop Control for Strip Tension Safety
  • Pressing Force Capacity : 250 kg
  • Maximum Load Capacity : 12500 kg
  • Coil Car Lifting Stroke : 500 mm
  • Movement of the Coil Car on the Rail by Hydraulic Means


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