The drum ends production line is part of steel drum production. You can produce only drum ends or complete steel drum.


The coil material is uncoiled by the driven un-coiler and fed to the 2500 kN mechanical presses that are situated to allow diagonal pressing to ensure minimum scrap rate. The formed drum ends are further processed under 600 kN press to make perforation of drum tops for the Tri-sure flange holes (punching of holes). The top ends of grease drum is also perforated (centre hole punched) on this machine in time shared fashion. The 2” and 3/4” flanges are mounted (crimped) onto their flanges under another 600 kN eccentric press. The edges are curled and the lute agent is applied on the related machine on the line.

The centre lids of grease drum top ends are manufactured from coil material under another 600 kN press in automatic fashion.by the feeding of the steel material to the press by the un-coiler straightener feeder.


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