The guillotine used in steel drum production is called squaring shear, power shear or guillotine.


The machine may be foot powered. Guillotines are mechanically or hydraulically powered and mechanical guillotine is popular guillotine shear in metal fabricating industry. It works by first clamping the material with a ram. Then moving blades comes down across a fixed blade to shear materials. The machine consists of shear table, work-holding device, upper and lower blades and a gauging device.

Mechanical guillotine shear is generally used in variety sectors and in different production lines. Our mechanical guillotine shear is used to cut the material in the cut to the length line for the body of steel drum and also for cutting the drum ends material to the length.

When the guillotine is engaged, a heavy flywheel stores a large amount of kinetic energy which drives the guillotine blade down rapidly to shear off the material.

Guillotine Shear is is located in the Cut to Length Line and Drum Ends Production Line.


What are the main technical properties of the Guillotine Shear used in Steel Drum Production Line?
* Properties given here are for giving a general idea about the line. All properties of the machinery are suitable for customization.

  • Maximum coil width : 1300 mm
  • Spring hold down
  • Two connection rod for the ram powering
  • AC motor with electro-pneumatic clutch


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